Top 3 Craft Show Booth Mistakes

Uncategorized Feb 29, 2020

Booth set-up can involve a little psychology: all humans want to avoid pain and seek pleasure and remembering this can actually help you in your craft show booth set-up! We are going to address some common mistakes we have seen in booths which do not make high sales at shows so that you can avoid making these same mistakes. Remember, we inherently want to seek pleasure, even when making purchases, so take these tips to heart:


Hiding in your booth is a surefire way to lose business. People attend craft fairs because they want to meet the maker and if you are acting distracted or staring down at your phone, looking too busy to help a customer, you will probably lose that customer. We know not everyone is a social flower and some would rather be a wall flower but this is your time to shine! It's your time to tell the world I MADE THIS and meet new clients who will become part of your handmade community. 


Business cards are so important! Studies show that only a small percentage of shoppers who enter your booth actually make a purchase, so not having business cards or a mailing list for them to sign up on could potentially lose hundreds of clients. Also, how will they find you once they leave the show? You want to gain and retain clients at craft shows, so make SURE they have a way to remember you by getting their email so you can send them updates and by giving them your business card so they can follow you on social media and contact you should they want to purchase more or tell others where to buy from you! Also, make sure your products have your name on them somewhere so if they forget or lose your biz card, they'll know who you are. For instance: if you make prints, stamp your brand name or logo on the back of the print or sign it. If you make clothing, add a tag with your logo or brand name. 


The way you display your handmade can make or break a sale. People gravitate towards things that give them pleasure, so making sure your display is attractive is so important. You want to have attractive table covers and your logo displayed in a nice font, as well as a booth that is easy to get around in. You don't want shoppers to be afraid to enter for fear of breaking something you made.  You want your brand and products to be visible and easy to spot so guests eyes are drawn into your booth. Have lights if you want people to see the richness of your product. Have mirrors if you want them to try on jewelry or scarves. Have samples out if it's an edible product so they can taste it!

@yaysayergoods making sales in her well-lit, colorful booth at @strawberryswingkc

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