Keep Going!

It's No-Show January. That month between the winter holidays and Valentine's Day and there are NO CRAFT SHOWS! If your business has slowed down this month, DON'T FRET! We have a few tips for how to use this down time to KEEP GOING:


Use January to get your books in order and review the year. Figure out which shows were profitable (see our nifty graphic in our last blog for help in determining your numbers) and which weren't. Get organized for 2020 by sorting your tax documents and creating a profit and loss spreadsheet if you haven't already.


Are you part of any FB groups like Craft Show Success that has other makers in it? Post a question to them or do some research by searching past posts about shows in your city. Look up craft shows and plan your 2020. Mark down when applications close for certain events in your calendar so you don't miss out on applying! Plan for booth fees. Sometimes multiple events will have fees due around the same time and you'll want to be prepared for that.


Now is a great time to batch some social media posts! Schedule those statuses. Add those photos and use the Schedule Post publisher in FB. You'll find batching 5-10 posts (or more!) will save you so much time in the long run and think about what you can do with those saved hours (coffee date, long bath, beers at a bar, playtime with kids, whatever floats your boat!).


 Get those emails into your database that you have collected throughout the year at shows! Also, do a few social media posts where you offer something in return for an email list sign-up. For example, give a free screen saver download like Carly Rae did with one of her paintings. Make sure you have a pop-up in place on your website for people to sign up for your email list, too. 


Now is the time to listen to some podcasts, take a small course, enroll or get on the waitlist for upcoming classes and memberships (like Craft Show CEO!) so you can learn more about something you feel like you're lacking in. For instance, if you feel like you don't know how to create good captions on instagram, there is most likely a podcast or a small course you can take to learn how to write better copy, like Caption Camp.


Create some new products, make something totally different... something that you have been scheming up in the back of your mind but haven't had the time to follow through with. Make something just for you and not for your business. Make something, anything! Without the pressure of a show coming up, you may find your creativity soars. Or just building up an inventory in a stress-free environment.


We all need a break and now is a GREAT time to RELAX & RECHARGE. Use this downtime to take some time for yourself. Go get coffee or tea at that new shop you've been dying to try. Go visit your makers friends! Organize a fun night out with your creatives or your family. Take some MUCH DESERVED you time.


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