Holiday Sales + Social Media

The Holiday Craft Show Season is upon us! You can increase your sales and brand awareness at holiday shows many different ways. Here are a few tips on how to increase your holiday sales by using social media:

#1: Have an "Events" page on your website and social media

Make sure you have an  Events tab or page on your website.  You can find an example HERE on co-founder Carly Rae Studio's website. This guarantees anyone who comes to your website will know where they can find you, in person! Many clients shop handmade and local specifically because they want to support YOU so knowing where to find you, physically, can boost sales. Also, some clients may want to avoid shipping charges on larger, heavier items or if they are buying multiples, and may plan their purchase around your pop-up craft shows. Here is a great example of how to list your events on your Instagram and Facebook stories from Carly's site. Once you have shared to your stories, you can 'Highlight' it so it's permanent on your profile (via Instagram):

#2: Share what you're making leading up to events

Clients (and event planners) love seeing your process! After all, it IS the reason they support your small business. If you post photos and videos on your social media of your process and tag the events, it's a great way to gain new followers and to solidify the reason your loyal customers support you. If you tag the event and they share, you're getting the exposure of all of their followers, too! Seeing the hard work and talent that goes into creating handmade gifts can boost sales and inspire customers to visit you in person. Here is an example of a time lapse of Carly Rae Studio painting: Time Lapse of Process, which you can create with an I phone or similar smart phone. Another way to show yourself making is via a still photo like this:

Which leads us to our last tip...

#3: Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to promote your events and create more followers on social media which equals more sales. For instance, if the event your are participating in has a large number of followers on social media and they offer to do a giveaway with one of your products, TAKE THAT OFFER! Giveaways create traffic by boosting your post due to the interaction it's creating with followers and also, raises awareness that you're going to be participating in an event locally. If you create a giveaway on your own, it also creates traffic and brings more followers, leading to more sales!

Here is an example from co-founder Strawberry Swing's Instagram:


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