Holiday Decor In Your Craft Show Booth

'Tis the season to be... going 100% into Holiday Craft Fair Mode!

It's that time! The most wonderful time of the year when we come together at in-home showings, wine & shops, craft shows, and school holiday fairs.  It Holiday Craft Show time. We have compiled a few tips on how to give your booth a lil seasonal cheer while you're selling your handmades:


Fake trees can add some holiday cheer to your booth AND serve as a display. We love these 'trees' and the possibilities are endless with how you can decorate them. If you're a jeweler, you can hang your jewelry on them. If you make note cards, you can clip them to the tree. Ornaments? Hang them just like would a real tree!



We love how Arched used a holiday tree in their booth to hang her merch: ornaments!

Photo by Arched



Let your light shine! A simple thing like some extra lighting can give your booth a holiday feel.  You can find strands of LED lights (battery powered so you don't even need an outlet) at most craft supply stores, on Amazon and even at The Dollar Store. They can be strung across your booth to highlight your products or wrapped around garland to draw guests into your booth. We LOVE this example of DIY twinkly garland by Homey Oh My

Another example of stringing the strand of LED lights through your display:

We hope these tips help and that your holiday craft shows are fruitful and FUN!

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