Have a More Creative 2020

It is so easy to let creativity fall to the bottom of our list of priorities. But it is oh so important to nurture your creativity! Even if you are a creative person, it can require a bit of effort and planning to make it happen. Here are some simple ways to add more creativity to your daily routine:

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It's much easier now that we constantly have a camera in our pocket! Photos can be a great way to look at things a bit differently and see the beauty around you. It's a simple way to observe beauty and will inspire your creative work in other ways, no matter what creative medium is your favorite. 


Creative entrepreneurs have so much on their plate. They often wear ALL of the hats in their small business, and creative play time gets pushed aside.

If we wait to "feel inspired", your creative work just might not come to fruition. Instead, work on creative projects every day, even when you don't necessarily feel inspired. Sometimes sitting down and starting is just what your creative juices need.


This is an idea from the popular book The Artist's Way. Each week, set aside 1-2 hours to take your inner artist on a date. This could be a museum visit, bookstore, antiquing, or anything you enjoy doing that sparks creativity.

It's important to go alone so you are more observant of your surroundings. Allow yourself to take it all in and play creatively.


If you're a creative, you probably have creative skills you are really great at. Find something that is more new to you and push yourself to create in a new way. Getting outside of your comfort zone and trying a new creative technique is a great way to grow as a creative and in your business.


Have you been wanting to learn hand lettering? Or maybe you're a jeweler and you want to learn how to work with a different medium. Sign up for a class! It's a great way to learn a new skill AND spend time with creatives. You will probably make some new maker friends, too. 


Does your workspace bring you joy? Do you have inspiration on the walls and at eye level? If not, now is the time to spruce up your space! After all, this is where the magic happens! You can find some great containers for organizing that will help your mind feel at ease. Hang those inspiring prints you picked up at your last show, use a ceramic vessel you purchased from a fellow maker: add anything that inspires you, it could even be a potted plant!

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