Choosing the Right Craft Shows

We're sure you know, craft shows can be hit or miss. They can be a great way to get your products in front of new customers, get feedback on what is popular and of course start generating income for your business.

Even slower shows can have their benefits (meeting future fans, growing your following, meeting other makers, learning about great shows in the area, getting crucial customer feedback, etc.), but picking the right shows can help you grow your business faster and save you lots of time.

We have a few tips for choosing the perfect craft fairs for selling your amazing maker goods!

ATTEND:  Visit potential shows to see if your items would be a good fit.

COST:  Determine how much booth fees are for each show.

SHOPPERS:  Consider the audience demographics.

VENDOR ATTENDANCE:  Find out what vendors have participated in the past.

CUSTOMER ATTENDANCE:  Ask the curator or past vendors how many shoppers attend.

ONLY HANDMADE?:  Find out if it's handmade only or if you'll be surrounded by MLMs.

ONLINE PRESENCE:  Does the show have one? It should!

JURIED VS NON-JURIED:  Curated shows usually have a more professional vibe and bigger following.

DATES:  Make sure you mark down all potential dates in your calendar (dates apps open, dates booth fees are due, dates of shows!).

INDOOR VS OUTDOOR:  Make sure you know if the show is inside or outside and whether or not a tent is required or provided.

ELECTRICITY:  Ask if electricity is an option if you need it for something, like lighting.

RECOMMENDED BY OTHERS?:  Ask the makers! Find out if they recommend the show.

DISTANCE TO SHOW:  Determine if the distance to the show is worth your time.

Check out our tips on how to find craft shows and how to have a GREAT Craft Show Application, too! 

The Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair's 9th Annual Summer Swing

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