3 Tips For A GREAT Craft Show Application

craft show success Oct 29, 2019

Craft show organizers and juries spend a lot of time going through every vendor application for upcoming shows, but they do have time constraints. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to see how fabulous your handmades are. Here are three tips for submitting a great craft show application.

#1:  Follow the directions in the application

Make sure you read the fine-print on the application. If the organizer is asking for your email address, make sure you have entered it correctly as it may be the only way they contact you to let you know the status of your application. If the app asks for you to type the exact links to your social media and website, make sure you follow the directions and do so. For instance, if the application asks for your Etsy shop, type the entire URL out! Don’t just put your shop name. Many times, organizers of juried shows have a time limit they are working under and if you don’t put the exact link for them to click in their software, they can’t take the time to look up what they think may be your Etsy shop. Read over the application carefully and make sure you are following all directions and deadlines (and put deadlines and when booth fees are due in your calendar so you don’t miss out on an opportunity because you missed a deadline)!

#2:  Make sure you have good, clear photos of your booth and products

Bad photos can have a huge impact on your application not being selected for an event. You don’t need an expensive camera if you have a smartphone; they take pretty high quality photos these days.  A piece of white poster board and some natural window lighting can serve as a great backdrop to photograph your handmade items. You can purchase an inexpensive light box, as well, or make one yourself.  You can see a big difference in the following photos.  

Keep it fresh, too! If you have applied for the same craft show before, make sure you are uploading photos of new products for the organizer to see.  If the application asks for a booth photo, make sure you attach one. If you don’t have a booth photo, you can set up a make-shift booth in your home or just notate in the comments section of the application that you do not have a booth photo and let them know how you plan to set up your booth.

#3: Make sure you have cohesive brand

Organizers aren’t asking for a professional branding package (but it doesn’t hurt!). They want to see and understand what it is you make and how it will fit into their show.  For instance, if you make multiple products (jewelry, mugs, t-shirts), make sure they all tie into each other somehow and aren’t just a mish-mash. Social media and an online platform are big parts of your branding and craft shows LOVE to see your URLs. Sometimes, the only way we can share your business on our platforms is by tagging your photos on Facebook or Instagram or by linking your website to a photo on our website, so having an online presence is very important. It also allows the organizer or jury to get a better picture of your products when they can view your brand outside of the application (but don’t forget Tip #1 and make sure you have linked the exact URL for them to click!).

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