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Creative business growth

at in-person events & online!


Craft shows are different right now. They are smaller and less frequent. We've seen some businesses really struggle and even close. There is one key success factor for creatives who have flourished - you need to be a true CEO! Ready to grow, innovate and be present online.

Ready to be your own boss?  If you learn how to streamline your online sales, grow your social media and be strategic with your shows, you can say good-bye to that day job and hello to more time living the life you dream of.

Imagine how it will feel to make money as a maker. To truly turn your passion into profit. 

We believe #MakersGonnaMake, and we also believe #MakersGonnaMakeMoney.

"Katie and Carly have helped grow my art business leaps and bounds! I went from craft shows where I profited $200 to profiting $1.500! Not to mention all the help with online sales + branding + EVERYTHING. Also, the community aspect has been awesome. Highly recommend anyone with any sort of creative business joining us in Craft Show CEO!""

Natasha Lee
Owner & CEO of Natasha Lee Creative

"I joined this community when it opened and I'm so glad I did! The information is so helpful and you can implement it right away to make small changes that make a big impact."

Owner & CEO of Lauren Onions Creative

"It has been life changing for my business!"

Owner + CEO of Crochet City KC

"I'm so glad I joined Craft Show Success back in March! Katie & Carly are a wealth of knowledge & are all about supporting makers & the Craft Show CEO community is super great too!"

Owner & CEO of Happy Camper Crafts

The Five Keys to Craft Show Success

Want to get started with craft shows but feeling unsure of where to begin? Maybe you're a craft show veteran and want to increase sales at shows? This 11 page workbook is for you!

What is Craft Show CEO?

Craft Show CEO is the best community & content to help you sell your handmade products. Members have access to strategy and systems, developed by makers who have seen and experienced success with shows, social media and online sales. There is an incredibly supportive community so you can connect and learn from others. You'll receive expert guidance and a framework that best fits your current biz experience.

The Ultimate Craft Show Supply Checklist

Want to make sure you don't forget anything for your next show? Download our checklist to help you keep your mind and supplies straight!


monthly video lessons

Each month, learn from experts on a subject that relates to you and your biz - social media, booth set up, email marketing, business planning, sales tax, choosing your shows and more...

actionable takeaways

Get ready for checklists, templates, calendars and challenges that guide you in growing your business.

facebook community

Ever wished you could talk to creative business owners going through the same up's and down's as you? What show to do next? Need a bit of encouragement? Stuck on which email marketing platform to use? This is your community!


Then you're in the right place!

This community is made for creative business owners at all stages of their creative biz journey.

There are so many ways to grow your creative business, and shows can be a big or small part of that strategy.

- Monthly video masterclasses learning from experts in a variety of creative business areas (social media, booth set up, sales tax 101, email marketing...)

- Live Q&A sessions with Carly + Katie

- Templates, checklists, challenges and more to keep you moving forward in your business

- A Facebook community to connect with other craft show business owners

Yes, anytime! If you cancel your membership, you will be asked to pay the current asking price upon your return.

Of course! A big part of Craft Show CEO will be the connection you have with other business owners and the access you will have to ask questions.

There will be live Q & A sessions for questions, as well as our Facebook community for us and others to answer questions + concerns along the way.

Enrollment is currently closed, but opens again soon..

If you missed the recent enrollment period, make sure you're on the waitlist to be the first to know about future enrollment dates.

Looking to create a more sustainable system for your creative biz?

Get tips, tricks and updates from us! We'll let you know when the Craft Show CEO community opens for new makers to join!


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